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We are on a mission to make artificial intelligence available to all, spanning from personal health to major industrial sectors. Artificial Intelligence is an expeditiously growing field of technology that holds the power for immense societal and economic benefit, and we are one of the driving forces.

Horizon 2030

Our main areas of focus towards 2030


Measurements and analyzes


Streamlining and control


Oversight and optimization


Surveillance and alerting


Monitoring and routing

Data Analysis

Systematization and insight

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AI VISIONS started the journey in 2018. The need for driving forces within the AI space was obvious and we had the team, determination and knowledge to contribute. Today we have projects spread across multiple locations and industries, identifying and solving big problems.


The AI ​​VISIONS team consists of competent employees and consultants with broad experience in machine learning, programming, computer vision, optics, hardware and mechanical product development.​


Machine vision and mechatronics design integrated in challenging environments, are the cutting-edge expertise of AI VISIONS. Our solutions range from embedded AI edge systems and robotics sorting mechanisms, to cloud-based solutions and big data analytics.

The future

The main areas of focus towards 2030 will be health, energy, manufacturing, security, traffic and data analysis. As strong believers in open source projects, we will support the community even more. Open source projects will play a substantial role in the development of AI.


BioSorts produkt, iFarm, er et system under utvikling som vil monitorere helse, lus og vekst for hver fisk i en merd. Individuelle fisk kan be fjernet, for eksempel smittebærere og lusesamlere. Kun fisk med behov vil bli behandlet, noe som muliggjør et skifte fra gruppebaserte operasjoner til individbasert omsorg.

AI for good

The discussion goes on - will Artificial Intelligence be good for humanity or a threat. The question is still open and the answer lays in the hands of the future politicians, business owners and researchers. Any tool with such a large potential impact, can be a benefit or hazard depending on the collective wisdom and judgment by the creators.

When focusing on creating AI for Good bonus projects, there are plenty of possibilities. We have turned our eyes on four concrete cases where machine learning and deep learning plays the main role to achieve the goals.

- Tom Vatland, CTO, AI VISIONS

AI for Good Goals

Project Microplastics

All the major seas and oceans in the world contain micro- and nano plastics. The amount is uncertain and the density in rural areas is unknown.

Project Landfills

This project aims to identify and track landfills globally. The first task is to identify the landfills, if not already known.

Project Wildfires

An early detection system for wildfires is a key component when it comes to an efficient global fire fighting system.

Project Oil Pollution

The need for precise and fast ocean and sea situational awareness services are stronger than ever.


Join the team and change the future

We know that the only thing standing behind a great product is an even greater team; that’s why our employees always come first. At AI VISIONS, we seek the best people that are driven by and welcome challenges. We nurture a culture of success that embraces constant learning and personal development.

We are looking for team players, creative thinkers, and high performers who are eager to be part of our innovative, dynamic squad. You’ll play a significant part in shaping the future of artificial intelligence. And most important, we want you to have fun while doing so.

Join us at AI VISIONS and become an integral part of the team. Contact us at


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