AI for Good - Landfills

This project aims to identify and track landfills globally. The first task is to identify the landfills, if not already known. Computer vision and convolutional neural networks in a combination with satellite images is the best way to identify high numbers of unknown landfills. By building a training dataset and using this with deep learning techniques, the landfills can be identified using satellite images from the Copernicus Programme (Europe’s eye on Earth).

The goal of the Copernicus Programme is to achieve a global, continuous, autonomous, high quality, wide range Earth observation capacity. So data from the Copernicus Programme fits perfectly with this project.

When the landfills are identified the goal of AI VISIONS is to keep tracking and measure activity, size and heat patterns. When the project is more complete and gets online, the webpage will contain all information about the landfills. This will be details like official status, size, coordinations, historical and current satellite images, map, and much more.

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